Some basic info about Levitra Vardenafil

Levitra Vardenafil (or just Levitra as most of the people using it call it) is one of the erectile dysfunction drugs that has shown pretty impressive results over time and is a popular choice with many physicians and doctors who prefer alternatives to Viagra which, while does it’s job, has too many side effects for a doctor to be comfortable prescribing. What are erectile dysfunction drugs all about anyway? Well, with modern culture being what it is, sexualisation of men and women alike has led to lots and lots of pressure on men to perform well as far as sex is concerned. While treating penile erection problems and length of erection was pretty much impossible just a few short decades ago, now we’ve got lots of oral prescription drugs that can improve a man’s sexual performance. It’s important to note that erectile dysfunction drugs alleviate the symptoms that prevent a man from having a standard sexual intercourse without turning to these drugs, but they do not cure the underlying cause – there are other types of therapy for that.

How does Levitra work at all? Well, one of the easiest way for men to achieve longer lasting erection is for them to take a prescription drug that deals with PDE-5 inhibitors, enzymes that the body starts producing naturally as soon as you get sexually stimulated. These enzymes are responsible for relaxation of penile muscles, and by inhibiting them Levitra makes sure that you have a much longer lasting erection. Another way it increases your sexual stamina is by increasing blood flow to the penis. An erection is something achieved with high blood pressure in a vessel that is penis, and more blood means harder and longer lasting erection.

One of the facts that make Levitra more interesting the Viagra is the lack of side effects. Well, there are some side effects about 10% of the time, but nothing as serious as what you can experience with Viagra. Levitra’s side effects include flushing of the face, runny nose or nausea at worst, and that’s about all that you can expect from it.

Just because the side effects of Levitra intake are not severe at all doesn’t mean you can medicate yourself with it. Levitra is a prescription only erectile dysfunction medication and should be treated as such, you shouldn’t use it without consulting a doctor first and by no means are you to tamper with your dosage. It doesn’t mix too well with other medication, so make sure the doctor is informed about all that you are on at the moment when you want to take Levitra so he can adjust the dosage or issue you a warning as to what mix of drugs you take can be dangerous when combined with Levitra.